Lucinda Williams - good sould better angels

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A1 You Can't Rule Me 4:04
A2 Bad News Blues 4:38
A3 Man Without A Soul 5:31
A4 Big Black Train 5:29
B1 Wakin' Up 4:44
B2 Pray The Devil Back To Hell 6:01
B3 Shadows & Doubts 5:38
B4 When The Way Gets Dark 3:29
C1 Bone Of Contention 4:05
C2 Down Past The Bottom 3:21
C3 Big Rotator 5:21
C4 Good Souls 7:35
Acoustic Demos
D1 Bad News Blues 3:42
D2 Pray The Devil Back To Hell 4:29
D3 You Can't Rule Me 3:50
D4 Man Without A Soul 4:23
D5 Wakin' Up 2:38