Joseph Stephens - The Righteous Gemstones (Original Televesion Series Soundtrack)- White / Gold Vinyl

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A1 Gemstones Theme (80's)
A2 The Text
A3 Portrait (Wet)
A4 Season's Stand
A5 Glory To The King
A6 Party Boy
A7 Family Lunch
A8 Dark Diablo
A9 Bedtime
A10 Dark Forces
A11 Serpents And Scorpions
A12 His Light
A13 Chapel
A14 Move The Ark
A15 The Drop
A16 Miracle At Sundown
B1 New Friends In Christ
B2 Baby Billy
B3 Devil Choir
B4 Eli Locust Piano
B6 Motel
B7 Pattycake
B8 Amber And Texts
B9 Goon Squad
B10 Near Confession
B11 Bathroom Questions
B12 Scotty's Rage
B13 Righteous Reprise
B14 Amani Amana
B15 Gideon's Theme
B16 Where's Lucy?
B17 Foyer
B18 Wiener Roast
B19 Invasion
B20 Moonlight Sonata (Credits)
C1 Gemstones Theme
C2 Keefe
C3 Night Cart
C4 Scheming
C5 Kelvin Rescue
C6 Tour Cancelled
C7 School Fight
C8 Land Settlements
C9 Drunk Horse
C10 Butt Shot
C11 Waltz West
C12 Keefe Is Banished
C13 Plaintive
C14 Negotiations
C15 Wrap Up
D1 Praise Be
D2 Swamp Money
D3 Halu
D4 Judy's Lover
D5 Indoor Eyes
D6 You Thinking What I'm Thinking?
D7 Not Here To Fight
D8 Go Get Him
D9 Endgame
D10 Visions Of Aimee-Leigh
D11 Blood Of A Gemstone
D12 Gemstone Salvation Center
E Misbehavin' 2:06
F Misbehavin' (1989) 2:02

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